General Information

General Information

The 2015 Kaneohe Bay Airshow will take place on October 17-18, 2015 and is free to the public. Optional premium seating is available for purchase but tickets are not required for admission to this event.

We are happy to have you, your friends and your family as our guests here at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. We will do everything to ensure that your Air Show experience is safe and enjoyable. Every effort will be made to minimize delays in entering and leaving the Air Show area, and base proper. We ask for your cooperation in keeping potentially dangerous items off the Marine Corps Base. At ALL entry points to the air show flight line, ALL bags will be quickly inspected, and all individuals are subject to search prior to entering the air show flight line.

To speed up the process, there will be checkpoints at all three entrances, and several additional checkpoints throughout the air show area of operation to alleviate wait times.

Please note that large bags and/or backpacks, ice chests and coolers will not be permitted. Small bags, such as purses, fanny packs, and diaper bags (8 1/2 x 11) will be permitted. It is recommended that spectators minimize the number and size of permitted items to reduce the inspection time prior to access into the flight line area.

There will be two entrance lines at each gate. One will be for people carrying bags, or other items to be inspected, and one for those with no inspection items.

Please note that this security policy applies to all military and civilian personnel on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, and is currently in effect 365 days a year.

Smoking is not permitted near aircraft or in hangars, and is only approved at designated smoking areas.


Prohibited Items

The following items will not be permitted on the flight line and are subject to confiscation:

  • • Weapons (regardless of permit) including firearms, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), replica or toy weapons, pepper spray or stun guns

  • • Alcoholic beverages, unless purchased from approved vendors

  • • Ice chests or coolers larger than 2 gallons

  • • Pets, other than service animals

  • • Glass containers

  • • Tents, portable/temporary awnings and cabanas

  • • Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, Heelys (skate shoes), scooters or skateboards

  • • Backpacks/Bags larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches (standard backpacks)

  • • Scanners, transmitters or frequency monitors

  • No Drone Zone• Unmanned aerial vehicles also known as quad copters or drones of any kind or type are prohibited at this event


Permitted Items

The following items are permitted on the flight line. All permitted items will be inspected prior to admission to the flight line. It is strongly recommended that spectators minimize the number and size of permitted items to reduce access time into the flight line area.

  • • Children's wagons (non-motorized)

  • • Small (hand carried) ice chests or coolers (No crushed ice, ice packs only) same dimensions as the bags 8 1⁄2 x 11 x 12 (about 9 can capacity).

  • • Standard backpacks

  • • Cellular phones and pagers

  • • Handheld portable televisions and radios

  • • Fanny packs and purses, or bags 8 1/2 x 11 inches or smaller

  • • Food and beverages (non-alcoholic)

  • • Cameras and camcorders

  • • Folding chairs and lawn chairs

  • • Umbrellas

  • • Wheelchairs

  • • Baby diaper bags and strollers, if attending with an infant or small child.

Please note the following:
  • • Unattended bags and packages will be removed from the premises, and may be destroyed.

  • • Neither strollers nor wheelchairs will be available for rent at the Airshow.

  • • Sun protection, including hat, long-sleeved shirts and long pants and sun screen are recommended.

  • • Water will be available for purchase throughout the Air Show area.

  • • Wear comfortable footgear; the flight line is paved and you may walk long distances.

  • • Bring ear plugs.

  • • This is a non-smoking event. The designated smoking area for tobacco and e-cigarettes is located outside the event fence line.


Air Show Hours:

Gates open at 9:00 am
Gates open at 9:00 am