Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Demo

The Marine Air-Ground Task Force Demonstration showcases the unique element the United States Marine Corps brings to the fight like no other force in the world. MAGTFs are a balanced air-ground task organization consisting of a ground combat element (infantry, armor, artillery, scouts and snipers), an aviation combat element (both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters), a logistics support element (communication, combat engineers, medical, motor transport, supply, etc.) and headquartered by a command element. Exercising truly integrated combined arms firepower and maneuver capability, the Marine Corps air-ground team has been, and continues to be, a critical component of the Nation's expeditionary "Force in Readiness." Don’t miss the action as paratroopers, riflemen, and aviators demonstrate a combined offensive, culminating in a spectacular simulation of air-to-ground explosions and a wall of fire.

Click the images below for a larger view.

MAGTF repel

MAGTF crew

MAGTF on the move

MAGTF on the ground

MAGTF in the air

MAGTF Wall of Fire



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